Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#4 of the top 5 things to experience during Atlanta Carnival

#4 - Meet new friends
One of the many hats that we wear as Ultimate Trinidad Carnival is that of a connector.  We didn’t think this was the case in the beginning when we started back in 2011, however when you take over 150 amazing people to Trinidad Carnival (and counting), you’re bound to have folks create and develop long lasting friendships.

We expect that Ultimate Atlanta Carnival will be no different!  The Atlanta Carnival parade is ideal for the Carnival newbie.  It’s a shorter parade route, only a couple of miles long however it’s still a ridiculous amount of fun and just as easy to make connections with new and old friends alike. 

For the Carnival veteran, you’ll be partying with your newly made friends on a parade route with lots of room to play your mas to your heart's delight!  With the bass thumping, the sun shining down, and a shot (or 2) of something in yuh head, you’ll be having the time of your life!

When you decide to come with us, you’ll be just 1 of 20 lucky people ready to party in the ATL.  You’ll be hanging out with other people who are just like you, professionals who like to lime and party!

Sound good to you?  Sign up for your advance access now – click here.  Our ATL Carnival packages will drop on Mon Nov 28!  When you're on our advance access list, you'll have first dibs before the rest of our mailing list.

Sign up to get your advance access today.

We’ll be returning with #3 on the list shortly.  Thanks for reading!

Til de next lime,


Esha and Tarik

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