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The Ultimate Trinidad Carnival experience is all about making it easy for you to be a part of and getting the REAL Trinidad Carnival experience.

Why should you travel with Ultimate Trinidad Carnival?
Esha and Tarik Davis
  • We’re the premier company specializing in providing you with THE Trinidad Carnival experience for over 5 years!
  • We provide clear, detailed and organized packages with everything you need to experience the BEST of what Trinidad Carnival has to offer.
  • You save your already precious time – we do all of the research, booking, and coordination.  You just need to show up!
  • Travel with the pros who have deep roots in Trinidad! We’ll go with you to every event on your itinerary and stay with you at a safe, secure location with 24-hour on site security.
  • Experience Trinidad Carnival with a group in a safe environment where we take care of you (for a change).
  • Get a fun, life-changing, AMAZING experience where you’re not a spectator; you’re in EVERYTHING!
Check out our video below to see how we can get Trinidad Carnival off your bucket list!
This is what our travelers said when we asked them, "What did you like best about working with Ultimate Trinidad Carnival?"
"Esha and Tarik - you put yo' foot in it. The trip was VERY, VERY well done!"
"Great organization and attention to detail. I appreciated the feeling of inclusiveness, especially for new comers and the general ease of the group.
 "Esha and Tarik were the perfect hosts. Friendly, engaging and truly professional in their entire approach. Made the trip very easy. As a rookie, there are a million questions and they were there every step of the way!!"
"Not having to worry about picking up costumes, having drivers to all events, and other logistical stuff."
"The organization and events line up - a lot of planning went into the event and it showed! Everything was planned and coordinated which made for an awesome experience!"
Ultimate Trinidad Carnival packages

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