Saturday, June 18, 2016

#6 of the top 10 things to experience during Trinidad Carnival

It's all about the food

*Warning* this one on the countdown will prompt spontaneous stomach rumbling, mouthwatering and an uncontrollable urge to book a plane ticket to Trinidad!

Where do we begin with the food?  We dream about all of the food that we can eat during Carnival time.  Our clients purchase Trini cookbooks to make the food when they return home.  The Trinidadian culinary experience is definitely delicious and so varied that you’ll never have experienced anything like it on this planet. 

You can experience tastings of Trini cuisine at many of the all-inclusive fetes (parties) with us.  Yes, the food at these fetes is all you can eat so be sure to bring your appetite!  As Bunji says in his soca hit “Differentology”, “Everywhere you look is just food/ and everybody in a real nice mood.”  Soooo true…

Here are a few of our favorites to eat during Carnival time:
Mmmmm, roti...
  • Doubles – this tops the list for us of Trini food to be consumed in large quantities during Carnival time.  Doubles is a small bundle of uniquely wonderful deliciousness.  It’s actually a beautiful, messy sandwich, with the “bread” being soft, fluffy, fried, curry flavored dough and the “filling/toppings” being a curried stew of chick peas (locally known as channa) made with mouthwatering spices.  Be sure to get “peppah” sauce if you can handle it spicy, or be a true Trini and order it with “slight peppah”.  Some vendors will have tamarind sauce available for a little sweetness and the best vendors will have yummy cucumber chutney to add to the mix.  Since they’re usually small, expect to eat 4-5 at a time to fill up. 
  • Roti (see photo above) – we love this Trini dish so much that we have a roti night included in our 5-night Premium Experience!  Trini style roti is traditionally served wrapped in a paratha roti skin (think a very thin crepe flavoured with ground dhal (yellow lentils) and filled with the curry protein of your choice – chicken, beef, goat, shrimp or channa and potato.  During our roti night, everything is served a la carte style plus a few additions on the side: curry pumpkin, bodi (string beans), buss up shot (thin paratha shredded without dhal inside), AND curry mango (our veterans live for this). 
  • Corn soup – this Trini staple is a must have at J’ouvert and any breakfast party you attend in Trinidad.  This belly filling, soul warming soup starts with a dhal based broth and is crammed full of pieces of corn, carrots, onions, potatoes and of course Trini style dumplings.  Can’t get enough even after getting your fix at a fete?  Get some more from a “corn soup man” around the Savannah in the annual Carnival village.
Tweet: I just learned what doubles are and I’m hungry!  Take me to Trinidad Carnival #trinidadcarnival #carnival #bucketlist

I just learned what doubles are and I’m hungry!  Take me to Trinidad Carnival #trinidadcarnival #bucketlist #carnival

Getting hungry?  Why not join us at Trinidad Carnival and get to taste all of this yourself!  Click here to visit our website.

#5 is up next.  Stay tuned…

'Til de next lime,

Esha and Tarik

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