Trinidad airport

We Wednesday fete
We Wednesday fete

Beach House fete
Looking good ladies!
With Kerwin DuBois at Girl Power

Bunji and Faye Ann at Girl Power

With our driver at Maracas Beach
Bake n Shark from...

De Original Bake & Shark at Maracas Beach

Arrival at Sunny Side Up

Good times with great people, that's what it's about

De ting from Tobago...still gotta get this guy's shirt!

Had to capture this guy on crutches - don't miss Carnival for anything...

De bucket man

Watah an powdah!
No J'ouvert is complete without dancin on someone's car :)
Smiling group at the end - paint and all!
Lots of paint and fun - time to get ready for Carnival!
Carnival Tuesday eye candy
Love the body art on this guy

Tiefin a wine on security...he is scared to look!

Pon de wall

Tuesday mas

Apache crew having a ball
Tuesday mas

YUMA's on de road

More Carnival Tuesday fun...

More male eye candy at lunch
Fed and ready to hit de road again!


On de way to Englishman's Bay

At Fort George

Had to take a shot with this beautiful view!

Englishman's Bay

Nylon Pool
Snorkeling with Island Girl charters...*sigh*

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