Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top 4 things to consider before booking a group trip

1. Has your tour guide been there before... and how often
Okay, this one is pretty simple, but you would be surprised how many people skip this one. They think because someone built a group travel website, and put together a package, this means they have in depth knowledge about the country they'll be traveling to. All group trips aren't created equal, so do your research.
Be sure to ask how often has your tour operator been to the destination? You should also give bonus points if they have lived at the destination for an extended period of time - chances are they are more comfortable with the locals and the culture if they have lived in the country.

2. Type of traveler
What is the profile of the typical traveler who goes on this trip? This is very important information, because it will ensure you will not get stuck with people you would prefer not to travel with. Knowing this information will also give you some insight into the group dynamic. If your tour operator doesn't easily and readily provide this information to you, this should be a red flag.

Sunset at Pigeon Point beach, Tobago

3. The fine print
Is the package clearly laid out? Are the payment terms clearly laid out as well? Is the tour operator answering your questions completely and offering up additional information that you didn't think of? It is very crucial to read the fine print and know exactly what you are getting into before you book. If this information isn't readily available, you should probably keep looking.

4. References
Don't be afraid to ask for references from people who have traveled with your potential tour operator before. Posted website testimonials are only the beginning. Again, access to this information should be given freely and without hesitation. You should also ask what kind of feedback does your tour guide get from the travelers and what types of improvements they have implemented based on the feedback.

Taking in the waves at Store Bay beach, Tobago
Considering these 4 things at the very least before you travel with a tour operator will save you time, money and grief in the long run. For more group travel information and updates about our Ultimate Trinidad Carnival trip, be sure to visit our website.

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