Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My first time

No one ever forgets their first right?  Esha here and my first time, my very first Trini Carnival was 1998.  Having spent part of my childhood in Trinidad, I always wanted to return for Carnival and play mas; the whole nine yards.  1998 was the first year I had been back "home" since leaving for Canada.  From what I can remember, it was an overwhelming trip - seeing family I hadn't seen in years, my first Trini fete, which was Bacchanal Wednesday, my first mas experience - with Poison (of course!), first Maracas cool down, complete with bake and shark...I remember it was an amazing, epic, unforgettable experience that changed my life.  Once you get bitten with the Carnival bug, it takes a hold of you.  You HAVE to go to Trinidad Carnival - year, after year, after year. 

Imagine - seeing thousands of people just having a good time, winin' down to de ground with a stranger, seeing Machel Montano and Shaggy on an 18 wheeler truck performing "Charge - toro, toro!", people losing their minds (in a good way) when the bass hits.  It all comes together as a feeling and what I remember feeling was pure bliss.  Completely unencumbered, worries put away on the shelf just for a little while and the only thing you are focusing on is awesome moment after moment.  I continued going every year for Carnival for many more years to come; it became a part of my life.  My first time was amazing and that's one of the reasons this trip was created.  Most of the people who travel with my husband and I are "Carnival virgins" and we enjoy seeing them feel the pure bliss that is Carnival!

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