Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top 4 benefits of group travel

1. Traveling alone?
Group travel is one of the biggest benefits for you!  An extra bonus is knowing who you're traveling with before you even get to your destination. 
We offer you all of this when you choose to travel with Ultimate Trinidad Carnival.  Our monthly conference calls start in the fall and you will be connected with all of the travelers in our Facebook group.  By the time you get to Trinidad, you will be prepared and be amongst friends.  How cool is that?

2. Strength in numbers
Does traveling to a new country make you feel nervous?  Group travel can help ease your nervousness and even make you feel a bit more protected.  You're with a group of people you have connected with, you're with a tour guide who is very familiar with the country, local customs and "in the know" - these are all things that can add to your comfort level which in turn boosts your fun factor. 

3. Worry Free Itinerary
Why worry about where to stay, what parties to go to and most importantly how to get rides to everything?  How can you be assured that your Trinidad Carnival experience will hit all the finer details so that you'll have a trip of a lifetime?  Booking a group trip will guarantee that you will have an awesome experience, incorporate those must do activities all without you worrying about it.

4. Fun with friends
Priceless.  Experiencing Trinidad Carnival with old friends and new, family and/or significant others is an experience you will never forget.  You will always have the special memories, make your friends jealous (and make them want to go too), and of course, the photos to prove that you did it! 

For more info about our group trip (and Ultimate Trinidad Carnival), click here.

Til de next lime,

Esha and Tarik

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