Friday, June 19, 2015

More frequently asked questions

We're getting closer and closer to Trinidad Carnival (and more excited)!  Thanks to everyone for the sharing of our posts, the support and - most importantly - all of the love.

As we have been talking with several of you over the past few weeks, we have been getting many, many questions about our packages.  Several of them have been common, so we thought we would share some of them with you. 

Q: How long have you been traveling to Trinidad Carnival?
A: We have been traveling to Trinidad Carnival a total of 19 times collectively!  Wow, how time flies when you are having fun (grin).  Ultimate Trinidad Carnival has been around for 4 years now; 2016 will mark our 5th year anniversary and it will be even better then ever!

Q: How long is the Carnival parade?
A: The Trinidad Carnival parade is 2 days of partying, beauty, bacchanal and revelry!  In 2016, the dates of the Trinidad Carnival parade are Mon Feb 8 and Tues Feb 9.  As a masquerader in a "mas band", you get to BE the parade, in full costume - with feathers, beads and glitter!  Expect to be on your feet for a long time over the 2 days.  The mas band will stop for lunch on both days for a couple of hours and there are also rest vehicles contained within the band.  Think of "playing mas" in the Carnival parade as a huge street party, where everyone is having a great time!  You do not have to leave the band for anything: food, snacks, drinks, bathrooms, rest buses...everything is included in "de" band!

Q: What type of footwear should I wear in Trinidad?
A: As a part of all of the preparation that we do with our clients, we always strongly recommend flats or low wedges (no stilettos ladies!) for the fetes or parties.  This is because most (if not all) fetes during Trinidad Carnival happen outdoors in large, grassy areas.  For the Carnival parade and J'ouvert, supportive footwear is a must!  You will be on your feet dancing, winin', jumping, chippin', doing everything - your footwear must help and support your feet during this time.  The last thing you want is sore feet and/or ankles that will make you miss the Carnival parade!  Most masqueraders wear sneakers (matching costume or not), and other masqueraders wear boots that match their costume.  In our opinion, it doesn't really matter what your footwear looks like, as long as you are comfortable and can dance and jump as you want to; comfort is king!

Q: Why should I consider Carnival makeup?
A: We strongly recommend getting your Carnival makeup done on Carnival Tuesday as one of our package add-ons.  Our professional makeup artist and her team are your personal "glam squad" for the morning as we get ready to hit "de road".  Carnival makeup is not like regular makeup as it needs to look as glamorous as your costume does, needs to last aaaallll day in the heat and should need minimal touch ups.  Your Carnival makeup completes your look and also looks great in pictures!

Have more questions?
We will be live and taking all of your questions on Thurs June 25 at 8pm EST, so please join us!  Sign up by clicking this link.

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