Friday, August 7, 2015

What are we excited about? It's mas band launching season!

There’s lots of excitement in the air…it’s mas band launching season in Trinidad.  What’s mas band launching season, you ask?  This is the time of year when mas bands, the organizations that sell costumes to the general public, reveal their costumes for the upcoming Carnival season.  A few mas band launches have happened already, and our mas band is launching tomorrow!  We’re extremely excited to see what they have to offer us in 2016!

In general, a mas band launch is just another reason to have a party in Trinidad.  Think of a mas band launch as a fashion show with costumes, except there are no chairs lining the sides of the runway.  Mas band launches are usually held outdoors with a few hundred, sometimes thousands of people with loud soca music playing while “eye candy”, ummm…really good looking men and women parade up and down the runway in full costume.  The attendees at the mas band launch get their opportunity to covet the costume of their choice in advance of the mas band starting their registration with the general public, which usually happens after the launch. 

After all of the costumes are modeled, then the true partying begins!  The music gets louder and the attendees all begin to dance the night away.  After the band launch is over, registration typically begins within a week or so and you can (hopefully) get your dibs on the costume of your choice.

As an Ultimate Trinidad Carnival masquerader, we facilitate the costume registration process for you, so you don’t have to do all of the work.  Once our mas band launches their website, we’ll email you their website and give you the opportunity to select your top 3 costumes.  Once you have provided us with this information, we’ll send your measurements and costume choices to the mas band.  They will register you for your costume selection based on availability.  Due to our long-standing relationship with our mas band, our masqueraders have had no issues getting their first costume choice.  Then once we're in Trinidad, we'll collect your costume on your behalf and deliver it to the Hilton Trinidad to you.

Want to learn more about the Ultimate Trinidad Carnival experience?  Why not join us during our info call on Sat Aug 8 at 11am EST?  Just sign up by clicking here.

Happy mas band launching season!

Til de next lime,
Esha and Tarik

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