Tuesday, June 28, 2016

#4 of the top 10 things to experience during Trinidad Carnival

#4 - It's all about Tobago (nuff said)

Ahhhh, Tobago.  Tobago holds such a special place in our hearts that we include it for our clients to experience it too with our Tobago Love Upgrade.  The sister island of Trinidad is truly an untouched paradise located just off the north-east coast of Trinidad. 

What do we really love about Tobago?  The biggest reason is because it’s a place where time just slows right down. 
With all of the partying and sensory overload of Trinidad Carnival, our clients love Tobago because it enables them to unplug and get refreshed for the journey home.  For those who can’t get enough of partying, there’s lots happening on the island for you to squeeze every last drop out of your Carnival experience too!

A few of the truly unique experiences that we love about Tobago (included in our Tobago Love Upgrade) are:
  • Nylon Pool – this popular Tobagonian attraction is legendary.  The legend goes if you bathe in the Nylon Pool, you’ll be young forever.  We don’t know if that’s true (lol), but it’s still an absolutely beautiful place to visit.  It’s a shallow area of crystal clear water located in the middle of ocean.  No, really the coast of Tobago is far in the distance and you’re standing waist deep in the beautiful sunshine and clear, gentle, shallow waters.  Take some time out to float in the serene waters or take a few selfies to make your friends jealous. 
  • Store Bay beach – located in Crown Point, this popular local beach is small, but still worth a visit in our book.  We love to spend the afternoon by getting some curry crab and dumpling from Miss Trim’s, grab a few beers, chill out to the soca music playing in the background and lay out by the ocean watching the sun make its way across the sky.  The sunset is beautiful to watch here too!
  • Chartered yacht trip – sailing the day away is a must do when we’re in Tobago.  Imagine being waited on hand and foot all day by a friendly, capable staff with open bar in tow.  Yes please!  Explore a few of Tobago’s untouched beaches, not accessible by car to swim with the fish while snorkeling.  In our Tobago Love Upgrade, you’ll also enjoy a freshly prepared lunch.  You can also just be - on the boat that is, while working on your tan.

Tweet: Want to stand in the middle of the ocean?  Travel to Tobago to get it #bucketlist #trinidadcarnival #tobagolove
Tweet this – Want to stand in the middle of the ocean?  Travel to Tobago to get it #bucketlist #trinidadcarnival #tobagolove

We’ll continue our series with #3 next.  As we continue with our countdown, we’re getting to the real meat of the "greatest show on Earth"!  Stay with us as we reveal the top 3 things to experience during Trinidad Carnival…

Til de next lime,

Esha and Tarik

P.S.: We have quite a few shots of the pure bliss of our Tobago Love Upgrade in our video.  Check it out below.

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