Wednesday, July 13, 2016

#2 of the top 10 things to experience during Trinidad Carnival

(2) Playing mas – the experience
Remember what we said?  Playing mas is such an exhilarating and unique experience that it deserves 2 spots on our countdown!  So, here we are at #2.

The experience of playing mas is truly, like nothing you’ve ever experienced.  As a reminder “playing mas” is the Trini term for putting on your costume to participate and party (hard) in the Trinidad Carnival parade.  Spectating doesn’t count here; we’re talking about the full Monty, going all the way, the entire sha-bang…you get the picture.

You might be wondering, “Okay, so I put on a costume when I play mas in New York/Miami/Atlanta.  What’s the big deal?”  We have a few thoughts about that (of course):

  • Costumes in Trinidad are not your average costumes.  Okay, so male costumes aside since they’re nowhere near as elaborate as the female costumes.  The majority of female costumes in Trinidad are akin to the large, feathered, gorgeous pieces that you’ve probably seen in Las Vegas, complete with beaded and jeweled bikini top and bottom.  Yep, full on BBF – bikini, beads and feathers.  Where do you think they got it from?  (Lol)  Except in Trinidad, you’re not a show girl; you’re in the middle of the Trinidad Carnival parade in downtown Port of Spain surrounded by thousands of people in costume just like you, takin’ a wine on a stranger!  You'll get to unleash your inner Carnival Diva…
  • You get 2 days to “play yuhself”.  Allow us to explain – “play yuhself” is a Trini term that literally means to have fun dancing however you want/like/need/feel.  Who doesn’t want that?  During the Trinidad Carnival parade, you get to do this for 2 whole days on Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday.  If you work hard, this is the “ultimate” way to play hard and is an amazing stress reliever!
  • You get an open bar (all day, on both parade days).  Whaaat???  Remember back in #7 on the countdown when we talked about drinks?  (If you missed it, click here to read it).  Well, move the fully stocked, open, mobile bar to an 18-wheeler truck, then add several of them throughout your mas band.  As an Ultimate Trinidad Carnival client, we provide you with the experience of getting drinks off a truck (seriously).  When you’re thirsty, you just chip alongside de truck, put your cup up and tell the 1 of the bartenders what you want.  They’re reeeeaaalllly good at lip reading; don’t forget that music is blasting from a nearby music truck at the same time.  Oh yeah, the DJ’s are on 18-wheeler trucks too, just like the bathrooms :)
  • You get to be a true masquerader.  Taking part in the Trinidad Carnival parade means you get to be an intimate participant in one of the most unique experiences in the world!  Our clients get band security, so you don’t have to share your mas playing space with anyone (unless of course, you decide to wine on someone, per our 1st bullet above).  You get to truly engage in bad (but fun and safe) behavior, bacchanal and revelry just like all of the stories/pictures that you’ve heard and seen!

  • Waitin’ on de stage (stage, stage, stage, stage…).  We love crossing the Socadrome stage!  Imagine a humongous stage built just for you to jump, wine and dance across while spectators watch you show off your costume?  Confetti goes off in the air, the music is pumping, your fellow masqueraders are dancing with you, laughing, screaming and throwing all of their worries to the wind…*sigh* we wish we were there now.  In our experience, the Trinidad Carnival stage is truly different from other Carnivals because (1) it’s raised like a concert stage, (2) it’s huge and (3) it’s a really cool way to lose your mind while dancing (you lose your mind many times while playing mas, but this time it’s with confetti).  Everything’s better with confetti, right?  :)
The point is, you need to experience this.  If you love to party, need a stress reliever and a little escape from your everyday, Trinidad Carnival is the best experience to do this!  To get there with little to no effort on your part, click here to visit our website.

Okay, that's it for #2 on the list.  Next up is #1 of the top 10 things to experience during Trinidad Carnival and this one is dutty…

Til de next lime,

Esha and Tarik

P.S.: If you didn’t get our Machel Montano reference above (waitin’ on de stage, stage, stage…), check out this video.  Waiting on de stage was Machel’s winning Road March song for 2016 Trinidad Carnival (the most played song during the Carnival parade while bands were crossing the stage).  While the video is not a true depiction of the Socadrome stage (it's much bigger), we think it gives you some idea of the energy, variety and bacchanal of the Trinidad Carnival mas experience.

P.P.S.:  Yes, that is a drinks truck behind us - it's where we met!  Click here to learn more about our story.

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