Friday, December 16, 2016

#1 of the top 5 things to experience during Atlanta Carnival

#1 - De masquerader experience

Having experienced Atlanta Carnival ourselves this year, we were really impressed with the entire masquerader experience.  For a carnival parade held in North America, we thought that it was very much like Trinidad Carnival in these 3 areas:

Esha in her ATL Carnival costume
  • Costume quality.  Everyone looked beautiful on de road with feathers, glitter and glam galore!  Plus, unlike other North American carnival costumes, our costume wasn’t falling apart the moment it left the mas camp (we were very happy about that).  We loved everything about the design of the costume, from the tiara to the feathered collar; see the photo to the right for yourself.  Our costume wasn’t typical of the costumes in this band however.  There were other costumes that were much more intricate in design with larger feathers.  All were fitting right and looking beautiful.  It also looked like all costumes held up for the entire parade, which we thought was great!
  • Road worthiness.  Speaking of the parade, although it’s definitely not as long as the Trinidad Carnival parade - only about 2 miles - it was perfect from beginning to end.  The spectators were just that, spectators!  They looked on from the side of the road and respected the masqueraders who paid money for their costumes.  Some even waved as the masqueraders paraded by – it was so cute!  There was no congestion with lots of room to get on bad.  The music was on point; all of the 2016 soca hits were played with pretty good mixing.  And since the parade was held in May, the weather was not too hot and not too cold – perfect mas playing weather!
  • Freedom factor.  Our fave thing about Trinidad Carnival is the feeling of freedom that you get.  The 2 days of the Trinidad Carnival parade feels so endless, with de endless road in front of you, chippin with your friends, old and new with drink in hand.  It comes as close to bliss as you can get, in our minds.  AND we got the same feeling from the Atlanta Carnival parade.  Once the parade started and we started chippin on de road, sun beating down, with a slight breeze, it honestly felt like Trinidad! 
So, that’s the end of our take on the top 5 things to experience during Atlanta Carnival!  We hope you’ve enjoyed our countdown. 

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Thanks for reading and we hope you come party with us! 

Til de next lime,  

Esha and Tarik

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