Thursday, December 29, 2016

Get crafty (part 2) - Create your own custom Trinidad Carnival Monday wear

The inspiration for my Monday wear!

Get crafty (part 2) - Create your own custom Trinidad Carnival Monday wear

Okay, Esha here again!  After a quick trip to San Francisco for Christmas, it’s nice to be back home and (of course) to continue with my Monday wear series.  If you missed part 1, click here to read it.  To fill you in briefly, I got bitten by the crafty bug this year and have decided to create my own Monday wear!

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Back to the Monday wear...I’ve done a few things since my post last week.  I’ve modified and cut out my pattern.  As I mentioned last week, I’m using Simplicity 8523 to make a top since I sew, but if you don’t, just find a close fitting tank top and crop it (cut it) before adding your trim and other embellishments.  This will work just as well!

Here are the modifications that I made to my sewing pattern:

  • I determined the length of the pattern from the center back neckline to the waistline (which is marked on this pattern).  
  • I then measured the same length on my body to determine how much I wanted to crop it.  Turns out the length of the pattern to the waistline corresponds to my belly button (how convenient)!
  • So, I decided to crop it 3 ¼ inches above my belly button.  I then marked out a 5/8 inch seam allowance to hem the bottom, which just coincided with the bottom of the bust dart on the pattern.  Perfect!  
  • I also added 2 darts on either side of the back zipper since the back was much larger than I anticipated.  Here’s a photo of the top cut out:
My Monday wear top cut out (never mind the pink marks, that's just for me to remember the right from wrong side!)

After cutting out my top and playing around with placing my studded, elastic trim, I realized that using this trim on the armholes may not work!  Because armholes are curved, this type of trim will bunch up and will be difficult to sew.  I’ll have to figure out something else fun to do with the armholes.  Hopefully, you’ll learn from my mistake before purchasing your trim!  If you’re decorating a purchased tank top, the same will apply.  Even if you try to glue gun this type of trim, it will be difficult to glue around the curves.

Time to sew…this top actually came together quite quickly and I’m not a very experienced sewer.  I cut the 5/8 inch seam allowance off the v-neck and the armholes since I won’t be using a traditional facing per the pattern instructions.  I’m a lazy sewer and facings take too much time and might be bulky with the elastic trim!  I also stay stitched the neckline at ¼ inch and the armholes so they wouldn’t get stretched out while I worked with it.  Here it is below:

My Monday wear top sewn together (front)

My Monday wear top sewn together (back).  I'm loving how the exposed metallic zipper looks!
Okay, top sewn and I ran into another snag!  The beautiful beaded, elastic trim that I purchased CANNOT be sewn with my sewing machine - ugh - I will have to hand sew it to my top.

I really hate hand sewing, but I truly LOVE this trim, so hand sewing will have to do.  I'll post some more pictures once this part is completed along with all of the other decorations...which of course, is the fun part!

Stay tuned...AND if you haven't looked into Ultimate Atlanta Carnival yet, check it out here for your 5% discount!  Spots will be gone before you know it...

Til de next lime,


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