Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2017 soca love – week of Jan 2-8

We’re here to help you sift through the hundreds of new soca releases coming your way over the next 46 days to Trinidad Carnival.  No seriously, it’s amazing the volume of music that’s released each year during the Carnival season.  Trinis are seriously creative and there’s always lots of new music to make you lose your mind during Carnival! 

Every week, we’ll give you 2017 soca love – our top 5 plus any runners up that you should look out for.  We had a lot of tough choices this past week but here we go!  Just press play below to listen or read the blog further down (we promise the video is more fun)...

#1:  4am riddim 
Okay this isn’t a song!  It’s a riddim but we honestly couldn’t just list 1 song on this riddim.  All of them are good and they'll definitely get Carnival play.  2 of them stood out though and they are Bunji Garlin – Blocking up de road and Revelation – Barbeerian (lol, love the name of this song).  Revelation has mad (Bunji type) lyrical skills on his riddim take.  Take a listen! 

Serious DAMAGE will happen this Carnival to this tune.  You’ve been warned!  It’s about time these 2 talented artists collaborated and this result is sure to make yuh get on bad dis Carnival! 

Get ready to get crazy…crazy….crazy…run!  Another good one from soca royalty.  Definitely paying homage to her father Super Blue (or Blue Boy for those of yuh who remember), we love the pan melody in the background of this one.  Very infectious and will stay in your head (in a good way)…

This will be every Trini Carnival lover’s chune to chip and sing on de road – trust us!  Amazing lyrics, this song is truly written from the heart of a Carnival lover.  Good driving bass to keep you moving on Carnival Monday and Tuesday! 

Beautiful voice, inspiring and uniting lyrics and a danceable beat – what more can you ask for?  Although this one probably won’t get much play during Carnival, we’re sincerely hoping it will.  A-lay-lay-lay-lay-lay-lay-lay-lay-lay…looking forward to see what this young lady brings in the future! 

Runners up...
So many good songs to choose from, here are some more for your listening pleasure.  All of these are added to the Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2017 soca love playlist for your convenience.  In no particular order:

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Til de next lime,

Esha and Tarik

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