Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2017 soca love - week of Jan 9-15

Here we go again!  Your 2nd installment of soca love.  It's going to continue to be manic every week until Trinidad Carnival, so be sure to subscribe and stay tuned!  Press play to see the video below or - you can read on (but we think the video is more fun) you'll get to hear Esha's confession!

Soca love releases - week of Jan 9-15

#1:  Bunji Garlin x 1st Klase - Dance in paint
So de lyrical master (himself) starts this song with "Here in the land of sinners and saints, we love to dance in paint".  Seriously???  We had to rewind to hear it again and it wasn't even 10 seconds into the song!  We were sold from de first line and base hit us!  This one is a big chune from one of our fave artists Mr. Bunji Garlin :)

#2:  Tizzy - Show dem
We're loving de lyrics in this song from Tizzy!  In this song she says, "Dey eh go like dis supervisor" (we believe her, by the way) and she encourages all of de gyals to "show dem".  Yeah, we think this one will build momentum once de rude gyals get a hold of it!

#3:  Crazy - Selfie
Crazy never gets left out at Carnival time and 2017 is no exception!  Always finding a way to release something funny and relevant, he comes with “selfie” which if you’re honest and have been to any fete during Trinidad Carnival, selfies are a bit on overload at every fete these days lol.

#4:  Rayzor - De weekend
We’re not familiar with this artist but this release is niiiiiice!  The video is fun, light lyrics and just enough hype to keep you going on de road.  In his own words, “Cause is de weekend, drink all day and drink all night”.  Speaking of lyrics, it also contains a throwback to Lyrikal (the soca artist), “And mek de liquor conquer meh…” can’t help but love dat!

#5:  Kerwin Du Bois - Is we
We loved it from the first note, yes - from de first note.  In his own words, "We nuh normal"; this one will not be normal on de road this year.  Get familiar...

#6:  Destra - Destra vs. Lucy
One of our fave artists, de Queen of Bacchanal - Destra - is back with her alter ego Lucy.  This song will continue pick up steam; we can see ourselves singing this out loud on de road in our costumes.

Special mention - just for the positive message in the song
Dloxx & Machel - Take it down

Runners up

That's it fuh this week guys!  Stay tuned for more soca love next week.  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can be notified of future videos right up until Trinidad Carnival...thanks for reading/watching and as always...

Til de next lime,

(pictured here with a guy in my fave T!)

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