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How was Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2017?

De Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2017 crew!

Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2017 recap

Okay, so Carnival tabanca is REAL!  We’ve got it, our 2017 feters have it and we’re all dreaming about 2018 Trinidad Carnival…

In case you were wondering about Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2017 and how it went, read on:

De music
Full Extreme by Ultimate Rejects took the country by storm!  Old and young alike played, replayed and chanted “We jammin still” right throughout the Carnival.  Our UTC feters were happy to see them perform this fantastic fetein’ song at 3 out of the 4 fetes on our itinerary!  Speaking of de fetes…

De fetes
Sunny Side Up bacchanal
Voted de best fete by our travelers for the 6th year in a row was Sunny Side Up (of course)!  The best breakfast party kept us jammin' until “day clean” (that means the sun was high in the sky).  As Penthouse ticket holders, we all had access to top shelf alcohol (I heard there were several who were veeeery happy with the El Dorado rum) and the food…*sigh*…from gourmet doubles to custom made omelets, our tummies were very, very, very happy.  We all ate til we bellies full!

All of the other fetes on our itinerary were loved by our clients, without one person saying they were “not satisfied” on our Carnival 2017 survey!  Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – the Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2018 Experience will have the same fete line up.  Visit our website to learn more by clicking here.

De mas experience
From Carnival makeup with our “glam squad” to being “on de road”, everything was perfect.  The only thing we didn’t like was…the weather!  This was by far the wettest Carnival that we can remember in the past 20 years.  Carnival Monday was *somewhat* dry, but the heavens opened up several times on Carnival Tuesday, including when our UTC feters crossed the Socadrome stage in their beautiful costumes!

Thankfully, the late afternoon on Carnival Tuesday was relatively dry and we didn’t have any showers until night fall when we (tiredly and happily) headed back to the Hilton Trinidad, our accommodations provider.

Dutty at J'ouvert
De bottom line 
Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2017 was our most successful (and fun) year yet with:

  • 100% of our UTC feters saying they would recommend UTC to others.
  • J'ouvert being rated the number 1 event on our itinerary...we were all dutty from head to toe!
  • Over 75% of UTC’ers saying that they loved our package concept AND they booked with us because they wanted someone to take care of their Trinidad Carnival Experience for them.
  • 100% of our clients were “extremely satisfied” and “very satisfied” with their overall Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience.

Wow!  Here are *just* a few testimonials from our 2017 UTC crew:
UTC honestly, you all did an excellent job. Working with a large group with many different needs, accommodations and preferences, [which] UTC addressed immediately and professionally. The drivers were excellent. For a group this large, no drama!!!
The info provided before the trip was very complete and thorough. There is no way to understand the carnival experience until you live it! Thinking back about the info provided, it is apparent you guys have seen a lot of things in your time running the UTC trips. There is nothing I can think of that wasn't covered in some way.
Thank you for the time and effort you put into making this a great experience. This was a great experience and the quality of your business is definitely 5 stars! Thank you!
The best part about working with UTC was that everything is done for you. Transportation, accommodation, fetes, etc. And still enough free time to enjoy on your own. I liked that we had the schedule and you just show up at the appointed meeting place at the right time. I was also very happy that everyone in the group looked out for each other while we were out at the events.
I loved feeling like we were all there together on this massive group trip. The UTC crew are friends who were experts on all things Trinidad and Carnival! Everything was so well organized and it was also good that there was some room for changes to the schedule (like when the carnival Monday departure was moved later after J'ouvert). 
The ability to have to just worry about yourself, plane tickets and packing is awesome!!! Sunny Side Up fete was the best!!! J'ouvert was the best!!! The whole Carnival Tuesday experience was the bestest!!! Lol can't verbally express my feelings about my experience!! See you guys in years to come!!
More Sunny Side Up shenanigans...
What else is there to say?  Well, maybe 1 more thing – you need to join us in 2018!  We’re currently in the process of offering our 2018 packages to our 2017 UTC feters first.  We'll have packages ready for you to book by the end of April.  All you need is your $500 deposit and you're in!

Want to be the first to know when we launch Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2018?  Click here to join our mailing list.  We hope you’ll be jammin' with us in 2018!

Til de next lime,

Esha and Tarik

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