Thursday, May 4, 2017

We ready now!

UTC feters havin' a ball on Carnival Tuesday
We ready now!

We've launched our 2018 Ultimate Trinidad Carnival packages and the response has been overwhelming!  Thanks for all the love...

If you're ready to experience the Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience, be sure to visit our website right now --> click here to visit our website.

Dutty fun at J'ouvert :)
We provide our UTC feters with everything they need to have a seamless, safe and most importantly a FUN Trinidad Carnival Experience.  Our packages include:

  • Safe and secure accommodations.
  • Your tailored costume with an all-inclusive band.  We also pick up and deliver your costume to you AND facilitate any exchanges.
  • Tickets to the hottest all-inclusive fetes (parties) with all you can eat and drink!
  • Day trips - we got you.
  • Air conditioned ground transportation including airport transfers.
  • Plus the most fun you can have with paint on your body - J'ouvert!  Rated the best UTC event by our travelers every year, this is an event not to be missed.
Your stress-free Trinidad Carnival Experience is here.  Visit our website for more details by clicking here.

Join de UTC crew in 2018!
If you've already visited our website and you'd like to learn more about us, join us at our next webinar.  On Sunday May 7th, we'll be LIVE, in person with you taking all of your questions and talking all about the Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience.  To sign up for our next FREE webinar, click here.  

(We'll add more dates, doh worry if you missed us on May 7th.)

Stay tuned here for updates.  We'll keep posting until we're SOLD OUT!  Don't get left behind next year...

Til de next lime,
Esha and Tarik

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