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What’s the big deal about Trinidad Carnival?

If you've never been to Trinidad Carnival, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about!
What’s the big deal about Trinidad Carnival?

We always get these questions from the truly uninitiated to Trinidad Carnival, “What’s the big deal about Trinidad Carnival?  Isn’t it just like New Orleans Mardi Gras or Brazilian Carnival?”  The short answer is, “Ummm, no.” 

Trinidad Carnival is a thoroughly unique festival like no other.  It completely overtakes your senses, exhilarates you like nothing else, keeps you moving on your feet and excites you with its infectious soca music, bright colors and fantastic revelry.  From the fetes to the parade to the costumes to the music, "Trinis" party like no other festival you've ever been to!

Our personal experience with Trinidad Carnival for over 20 years has been that we’ve seen nothing else like it on earth.  And for us, nothing beats taking others to experience it, hence Ultimate Trinidad Carnival was born.  Our hunch is that you’re reading this because you’re curious and would like go and perhaps take your friends to experience what others have experienced year, after year, after year.

Party (like a rock star) in the streets of Trinidad for 2 whole days...
To compare and contrast, New Orleans Mardi Gras has a parade, however it’s not 2 entire days like Trinidad Carnival.  Yes, you read that right – 2 full days of partying in the streets!  In addition, you also have the opportunity to “be the parade” in full costume while (jealous) spectators watch you having the time of your life!  The same can be said if we contrasted Brazilian Carnival; unless you have serious connections, you can only participate as a by-stander, watching everyone else in full costume having a ball…

Also, with Brazilian Carnival, the country’s official language is Portuguese, so you’ll have the added challenge of having to navigate a language barrier while you’re there (unless you speak Portuguese, of course).  When we visited Brazil in 2008 for a friend’s wedding, luckily the bride was Brazilian, so she did all of the translation for us at restaurants and during any other group events!

The official language of Trinidad and Tobago is English, so if this is your primary language, then you’ll have no issues navigating the country during Carnival time.  This includes grooving and singing the new soca music tunes that are released every year to keep you jumping and winin’ until the sun comes up (or goes down if you’re at a day fete). 

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