Wednesday, May 11, 2016

#10 of the top 10 things to experience during Trinidad Carnival – what can I bring back with me?

We know you’re thinking you wouldn’t really associate shopping with Trinidad Carnival, but there are many unique clothing and beautiful decorative items that you can purchase while in Trinidad. 

The next question you must be asking is, “Okay, so what can I get?”  The answer is everything!  From custom made sandals and home artifacts to European brands not found in the US, you can get unique gifts for loved ones (and for yourself).

If you prefer shopping in a mall, then head to the Falls at West Mall.  Easily the largest mall in Trinidad, you’ll get everything you need (and want) at this location.  There are also flagship stores from local and trendy designers like Radical Designs.

Prefer outdoor shopping with the locals?  Then the annual Carnival Village will be right up your alley.  Every year, Carnival Village is built around the Queen’s Park Savannah and is packed with all kinds of vendors selling art, clothing and delicious sweets to take home with you.

Our 5-night Premium Experience will get you to Trinidad Carnival, but if you really want to get some shopping in we also offer our 2-night and 4-night Upgrades so you can have additional time to fit in some shopping between all of the partying!

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Stay tuned as we continue to share the top 10 things you need to experience during Trinidad Carnival.   

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