Monday, May 23, 2016

#9 of the top 10 things to experience during Trinidad Carnival

Being immersed in a new culture

Next on our top 10 list is getting immersed in a new culture.  This one is very big for us because when we travel personally, we like to reeeeaaalllly get into the country’s culture.  We eat with the locals, hang out with them, learn a bit of the local language, dance to the music - you get the point.

So, what does that mean for you when you go to Trinidad Carnival?  If you’re a UTC’er, then that means you’ll:
  • Party like a rock star – go to the most popular fetes during Carnival time.  We’re talking all-inclusives here – all you can eat and drink – no additional cash required.  You’ll get tickets to the hottest events in town to party till you sweat and eat till yuh belly full; no kidding!
  • Be a Carnival pro – we’ll coordinate your access to Carnival’s 2 largest and most unique events – J’ouvert and the Carnival parade.  By the time you head back home, you’ll be well versed in everything Carnival related including sweet soca music!
  • Eat like a Trini – included in our 5-night Premium Experience is daily breakfast at the Hilton Trinidad and a privately catered buffet dinner.  Roti, fry bake, saltfish buljol, doubles?  Check!  You’ll be well versed (and “well eaten” lol) in the local cuisine by the time you (tearfully) leave TnT.
Most (if not all) of our travelers can’t stop - listening to soca, drinking from their fete cup(s), longingly looking at their mas headpiece – when they return home because they’ve been immersed in a completely new culture, they had the most amazing time of their lives and it was all seamless and easy for them (they didn’t have to plan any of it)!

Don’t you want the same?  Click here to learn more.

Tweet: #9 of the top 10 things to experience during Trinidad Carnival #trinidadcarnival #carnival #soca #bucketlist

#9 of the top 10 things to experience during Trinidad Carnival #trinidadcarnival #carnival #soca #bucketlist 

Stay tuned for #8 later this week!

Til de next lime,

Esha and Tarik

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