Monday, August 29, 2016

Ultimate Trinidad Carnival's frequently asked questions

It's time for another installment of the questions that we get asked the most - enjoy!

What happens if I get lost?

One of the benefits of group travel and especially traveling with Ultimate Trinidad Carnival is that we travel with you.  Our Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2017 team consists of 5 hardworking individuals who are there with you at every fete, at the Carnival parade and all of the events on your itinerary.  We’ll be with you connected via our private Facebook group and you’ll also have all of our phone numbers in case you get separated from the group.  We all also do our “rounds” during each event where we ensure that we take the time to check in with you from time to time during all events.  You’ll also be sure to make friends while with our group and they’ll look out for you too!

What if none of my friends want to come with me?

No problem; we got you AND we’ve actually written a blog about this (lol).  Click here to check it out.

What if I don’t want to wear a costume?

If you’re self-conscious about your body, understand a couple of things first.  Trinidadian culture celebrates curves!  Women reign supreme in all shapes and sizes during the Carnival parade.  Secondly, you won’t be the only one in full costume.  Thousands of people will be playing mas right alongside you “on de road”, so you’ll fit right in.  If you’re still feeling shy, then we can customize a package without a costume for you.  Click here to contact us.

Are my meals included in your packages?

Most of your meals are included in our packages.  From the all-inclusive fetes (food and drink), to our privately catered group dinner, plus a daily and delicious breakfast buffet at the Hilton Trinidad, we have you covered.  On average during our 5-night Premium Experience, you’ll need to purchase 3-5 meals on your own.  Food in Trinidad is very affordable and delicious, so choose your meals wisely!  Read our blog about the food in Trinidad here.

What should I pack?

This is a question that many Carnival goers get (just a little) nervous about!  We've gotten so many questions about it that we decided to write a blog about this exact topic.  We’ve provided you with a packing list of what to bring with you and even included a link to Evernote where you can check the items off of your list!  Access the Ultimate Trinidad Carnival packing list here.

What can I access while I’m in Trinidad and how?

If you’re very attached to your devices, the Hilton Trinidad offers free Wi-Fi with your package.  We strongly recommend purchasing either a SIM card to use with your unlocked phone or a local phone to use while you’re in Trinidad during Carnival time.  With a smartphone, you can access Trinidad’s mobile network, access your social media accounts and check email and messaging.

In regard to accessing your money, you can easily use most debit or credit cards while traveling in Trinidad and Tobago.  Don’t forget to let your bank know that you’re traveling so they don’t impose any international blocks to your account.  We don’t recommend using traveler’s checks.  Banks during Carnival are extremely busy since Carnival Monday and Tuesday are national holidays. The last thing you want to do is spend your day waiting in a bank when you could be partying!

Is Trinidad and Tobago safe?

We get this question quite often.  The combination of being within a group of professionals like you, having access to high end fetes in Trinidad and traveling during Carnival time, can make Trinidad Carnival one of the safest times for you to travel there.  Ultimate Trinidad Carnival has been traveling with groups during Carnival time - with no incidents - so we have a 100% safety record!  We prepare our travelers with common sense tips before getting to Trinidad to ensure that they’re all taking extra precautions while away from home.

Your Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience can be stress-free!  As a part of our bonuses, we take extra care to prepare our clients with a members-only website, monthly info calls, a private Facebook page and more!  Why NOT travel with us?  Check out what we have to offer you by clicking here

We hope you enjoyed our FAQ's.  Have a question?  Feel free to comment below!  As always...

Til de next lime,

Esha and Tarik

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