Monday, September 12, 2016

Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Spotlight Series - part 1

If you’ve been following our blog, then you’ve heard us say time and time again, “We love our clients!  And they love us back!”

In the Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Spotlight Series, we’re sharing with you a series of interviews that we’ve had with our clients.  You’ll read about their experiences with Ultimate Trinidad Carnival, some of the concerns they had before they became a UTC'er and (of course) what a great time they had!

First up is Krystal (this is her to the right in her beautiful costume).  Krystal lives in Georgia, USA and is traveling with us for a second time during the upcoming Trinidad Carnival season.  Here’s what she had to say when we spoke with her: 

UTC: Have you ever paid for a service like ours before?
Krystal: Never.

UTC: What specific feature(s) did you like best about our service?
Krystal: I really liked the communication since I always want to know everything (laughing).  I liked the way that the Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience was worry free.  All I had to do was just be there and you all took care of the rest.  I also liked the info calls and the way the information was shared.

UTC: What hesitations did you have about purchasing our service?
Krystal: [Initially], I didn’t know who Ultimate Trinidad Carnival was.  The only thing that really made me feel more comfortable was that your company was based in North Carolina, USA and not some foreign land.  I also felt better about making a purchase with you since you’re a small business and you’re real people.  I generally feel that small businesses care more about their clients. With big companies, they’re too big.  [I felt that] Ultimate Trinidad Carnival was tangible; I could email, and/or call you to handle things then and there.  Reading your reviews on your website also made me take the chance to work with you.  I’m really glad that I did; you’re awesome!

UTC: What changes have you noticed in your life since you traveled with us?
Krystal: Since I traveled with you, I’m not afraid to be who I really am, even though my friends call me weird.  Now, I don’t care (laughing).  The Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience made me want to travel more.  Taking this trip also made me realize that I was the kind of person to never go anywhere or do anything because of the money.  Now, I realize that I have the money to do stuff!  Going on the trip made me be a little bit more relaxed with my finances.  It made me feel abundant.  Trinidad Carnival is freedom!

Isn't that fantastic?  We couldn't agree with Krystal more; Trinidad Carnival is TRUE freedom.  It's also one of the best parties on earth in our *humble* opinion.  If you'd like to get Trinidad Carnival off your bucket list (like Krystal did), just push the EASY button and visit our website - click right here - to learn more about the Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience!

We'll continue our Spotlight Series with Rayven Michelle next!  We'll be back...

Til de next lime,

Esha and Tarik

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