Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Spotlight Series - part 2

It's time for part 2 of our Spotlight Series where we bring you snippets of our talks with UTC clients!  You may have some concerns or questions about our Trinidad Carnival packages - perhaps some of the same ones our clients had - so we hope this is helpful to you.  We only have a few spots left, so visit our website today to learn more!

Rayven Michelle
Our client in the spotlight today is Rayven Michelle.  She traveled with us in 2015 after taking advantage of our Early Feter Special, FREE roommate matching service AND our Tobago Love Upgrade - (of course) she had a blast!  Here's what Rayven Michelle had to say about her Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience:

UTC: What would it feel like to have your [travel] issues handled?
  • Rayven Michelle: Would feel great – that’s what I loved about [Ultimate Trinidad Carnival]; I just showed up.  I really didn’t have to think about anything.  I just had to know what time to be in the lobby [to go to the next event]!  You handled all of the transportation AND there were hot guys.  With food, drink and hot guys, I’m good!  [With me] not having to worry about where to go, how to get there, getting a taxi - it was all laid out and it was nice to have it all laid out...I couldn’t imagine doing this myself!   Unless you know Trinidad Carnival already, then trying to coordinate something this big on your own would be hard.  I loved that you took care of everything and I just showed up to relax and prepared to have fun.  The entire experience was a load off my shoulders; all I had to do was be excited about going!
UTC: Have you ever paid for a service like ours before?
  • Rayven Michelle: I did a last minute deal to Toronto Caribana back in 2005, which I booked online.  Before Ultimate Trinidad Carnival, I've never gotten all the way through to the actual buying [of a travel service].  I've tried to work with travel agents before, but it's never worked out.  This was really my first package deal experience.  What I've finally learned in life is no matter what, you will pay with time or money.  You can do it on own and pay less, but it will take tons of research.  Or you can pay up front and have someone do it for you.  With doing it myself, things happened and then I've had to shell out even more than I expected.  [On my own] my transportation wasn't prearranged, and I ended up shelling out in the end.  
  • There was a conference that I went to a while ago.  I waited until the last minute to book it.  I called a friend for a standby pass which cost $250.  Everything was going good and then I got stuck in Chicago on the way back home.  My boss said I had to be back the next day, so I paid $750 dollars for a last minute ticket.  I've learned that [making travel arrangements] in advance as much as possible is less stressful. 
Rayven Michelle with her new friends in Tobago
UTC: What specific feature(s) did you like best about our service?
  • Rayven Michelle: I liked that Ultimate Trinidad Carnival had stuff set up to do everyday but I also had time for myself.  I also liked that it wasn't a problem when I needed to take additional time for myself.  Trinidad Carnival is "maximized", so it can be exhausting.  But when I fly that far and spend that much money, I want to get the most for my time. I really liked the Ultimate Trinidad Carnival group; the group was really good!  I got to travel with mature people; people who were fun.  I never felt judged and no one got left behind; someone was always with someone. 
  • Sunny Side Up was the best fete; it was crazy!  That’s where I experienced a spiritual uplifting; it was just nuts.  All of the events were really, really good and I had so much fun!  If could go to Trinidad Carnival once a month, it would change my life.  
  • I also liked that people were always checking on me.  That's important.  I loved the transportation part because I didn't have to jump in a car with someone I didn't know.  I also didn’t feel like I was in danger at any time.  I had comfort knowing that I was going to get home safely at the end of the night.  The breakfast at the hotel gave me life every morning!
Rayven Michelle had so much more to say so we'll continue with her feedback about our Trinidad Carnival packages in the next blog.

You can also see Rayven Michelle talk about her Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience in our video below:

Visit our website today to learn more about the Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience!  As always...

Til de next lime,

Esha and Tarik

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